One of the most legendary musicians and guitarists of all time, Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page posted a new video on his official Instagram page to reveal another ‘On This Day’ story with his followers.

Here is the story he told on Instagram:

“On this day in 1967, The Yardbirds played The Kerrisdale Arena, Vancouver.⁣

After another strenuous and frustrating episode at the Canadian border, we had come from San Francisco to Vancouver to play a psychedelic bonanza at the Kerrisdale Arena on this day and at the Garden Auditorium on the 1st. At this time, the Yardbirds album ‘Little Games’ had been released for about a week.⁣

The music featured here is the home recording on 12-string acoustic guitar and auto-harp of ‘Only The Black Rose’ from the ‘Little Games’ album.”

A user named passion_victim_music commented and said:

“I absolutely love these “on this day” postings. Thank you, Jimmy!

Another user named guernicailoveu wrote this:

“That is so cool that you are sharing some of your home recordings with us! The Master coming thru for his fans yet again! Thank you Jimmy!🙏”

You can find the video right below.