One of the most astonishing guitar masters of all time and one of the co-founding members of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, is a very well-known social media personality with his iconic ‘On This Day’ posts on social media.

But this time, Jac Whatley of FarOut Magazine exposed a really unknown truth and revealed Jimmy Page’s favorite Led Zeppelin song ever instead of Jimmy himself.

According to the recently unearthed and little-known Rolling Stones interview, Jimmy stated that ‘Kashmir’ which was released in 1975 is still the best-ever Led Zeppelin song ever.

Here is what Jimmy told:

“It’s difficult to be asked, ‘What’s your favorite Zeppelin track?’ They all were. They were all intended to be on those albums. I suppose ‘Kashmir’ has to be the one.

All of the guitar parts would be there. But the orchestra needed to sit there, reflecting those other parts, doing what the guitars were but with the colors of a symphony.

Riffs come out of the ether, out of nowhere. Will you tell me where that is? Because no one knows.”

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