Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page shared yet another golden worth post on his official and verified Instagram page.

This time, Jimmy revealed an interesting memoir to reveal the untold story of how Led Zeppelin saved their prestige on this day in Carnegie Hall, 1969.

Here is the story:

“On this day in 1969, I played Carnegie Hall with @ledzeppelin
Travelling en mass, Led Zeppelin managed to miss our plane out of Heathrow, so we caught the next available flight which got us into New York just a few hours before we were due to play this prestigious venue.

Nevertheless, we played a blinding concert but this was the one and only time we ever got to play Carnegie Hall.

Originally I had been led to believe that Carnegie Hall was owned by Dale Carnegie of ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’ fame, it turns out that this was not the case but he did once rent it for one of his lectures!”

You can see the photo below.