Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared never-before-seen photo of Led Zeppelin members and late drummer John Bonham on Instagram.

He also revealed an untold story which was happened before the recording sessions of Led Zeppelin II album. Here’s the funny story:

“Here we are at Honolulu airport, 50 years ago today, getting Lei’ed on the spot! ⠀⠀

On the 1969 tour, the second album was in the process of being recorded. For the sake of security, the multitrack tapes were being carried as hand luggage.

It seemed a good idea to have each member carrying one of the boxes for the photograph. However at the time, few people would have understood the significance of this picture.”

You can see the photos below.

Second album of Led Zeppelin, “Led Zeppelin II” was released on 22 October 1969 in the United States.

Two days ago he posted an interesting poster with this caption:

“#OnThisDay in 1968, I played with The Yardbirds at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara.

The band were looking good, sounding good and it had an ever increasing cult following on the underground scene.”

Here’s the Instagram post: