Led Zeppelin’s founder and legendary guitarist, Jimmy Page, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and talked about the time that he had the chance to perform in a Peace Concert organized by the United Nations in Beijing, and receive an award.

As you probably know that Jimmy Page highly enjoys actively using his Instagram account but in comparison to other rockstars, he uses his account as a platform where he can archive his experiences, achievements, memorable days. He also enjoys telling interesting stories about himself and Led Zeppelin which rock fans have never heard before.

Just some hours ago, Jimmy Page posted a photo of himself receiving an award and in the caption, he included the story of the reason why he got one. In 2010, Jimmy Page was invited to perform at a Peace Concert in Beijing which was hosted by the Chinese government. They offered him a fullsize orchestra which highly excited Page who believed that it could be ‘an interesting blend’ with his music.

During a meeting they had before the concert, Jimmy Page was informed that the artists need to show their lyrics upfront which Page thought was ‘fair enough.’ He said that he was very excited about the concert but that the concert ‘ran out of steam‘ after it was postponed to over a year later than the established day.

Prior to the concert, Jimmy Page was introduced to the public as one of the performers where he received a ‘Pathways To Peaceaward by Michael Johnson who was there as the representative of the United Nations. He also added that ‘it was the first time the award was given by the United Nations.⁣’

This is what Micheal Johnson, the representative of the United Nations said in the press conference about Jimmy Page:

“We’ve been asked to give awards over the years but we’ve never done so until this day and we’re doing this because musicians have a global impact on the world and we also know that people who have used their name and fame for peace-building, need to be honored.”

Here’s what Jimmy Page said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“On this day in 2010, a Peace Concert in Beijing was announced.⁣

There had been a move to do a Peace Concert, hosted by the Chinese Government, at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing and I had been invited to appear. There had been a full-size classical orchestra offered and I saw a possibility of doing an instrumental set including Chengdu percussion and the orchestra. It could have been an interesting blend.⁣

There had been a meeting with some officials where it was said that they would need to see the artists’ lyrics upfront and I thought that was fair enough, but a Peace Concert in Beijing could have had its moments of mischief. It was fascinating to see how it might proceed; in fact, after a postponement from 17/04/10 to 11/11/11, it ran out of steam. At the press conference at the Beijing Ritz, I was given an award called ‘Pathways to Peace‘ – it was the first time the award was given by the United Nations.⁣

Photo Credit Ross Halfin, 2010″

Click here to check out Jimmy Page’s latest Instagram post and you can watch the press conference where he received the ‘Pathways to Peace’ award below.