Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page was recently interviewed by Ultimate Classic Rock Nights’ Uncle Joe Benson and revealed the never-told-before details of his first-ever rehearsal with Led Zeppelin.

As Jimmy confessed that their first time with Led Zeppelin was the life-changing experience for him, he also stated that the whole process went so fast that he tried so hard to catch up with it.

Here is what Jimmy told to Joe Benson:

“What I knew was I’d never felt something like that before, and what I also knew was everybody else was in the same boat.

No matter what they’d done in the past, they’d never been in a situation where everything was so sorted of intense and so heavily connected – profoundly connected, musically – on just our first meeting and getting together to play.

I’d worked with Robert at my house, going through the various things I wanted to do like ‘Dazed and Confused,’ ‘Babe I’m Gonna Leave You’… but that initial rehearsal was enough for everybody to say, ‘Yeah.”

He continued:

“We were recording in October of ’68; the Yardbirds were still going in July of ’68. You can imagine how quickly this whole thing came together.”

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