One of the most legendary guitarists of all time, Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page shared another little-known story on his official Instagram account.

As Jimmy adds a new part to his well-known ‘On This Day’ archive, Jimmy Page revealed the story of how Robert Plant took the “Number 1 Male Singer award” in 1970.

You can read the story below.

“On this day in 1970, @LedZeppelin were voted Top British Group in the Melody Maker poll.

By 1970, Led Zeppelin had risen in the categories of The Melody Maker Poll. It was the most prestigious of the music papers in the UK at the time.

The Melody Maker Poll awards ceremony was hosted at the Savoy Hotel in London. Led Zeppelin were awarded number one Group, number one UK Album and number two International Album with Led Zeppelin II, Robert Plant number one Male Singer.

In the guitar category, I was number two, with Eric Clapton number one and Jimi Hendrix number three. 🏆🥇”

You can see Jimmy’s picture below.