Jimmy Page, the legend of Led Zeppelin, shared memory on Instagram and recalled how sad he felt during the last show of The Black Crowes’ ‘Farewell To England’ tour.

Jimmy has been sharing both beautiful and saddening memories on his Instagram account for a while now. As you might remember, he has commemorated his bandmate John Bonham a few posts ago. Even back then, Page posted a picture from Led Zeppelin’s 1971 show in Milan which was very stirring.

This time Jimmy has shared a cool photo from the time when he appeared in The Black Crowes’ last show ever. He revealed that the band asked him to join the song ‘Shake Your Money Maker‘ as an encore.⁣ Page said that he felt really sad when he was told it was the last performance of the band.

Here is how Jimmy Page recalled the day and what he said about it on his Instagram post:

“On this day in 2012, I went to see The Black Crowes ‘Farewell To England‘ tour.⁣

This was the last night of the tour at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London and The Black Crowes asked me to jam on ‘Shake Your Money Maker‘ as an encore.⁣

I just couldn’t say no, but felt really sad when I was told that this was said to be the last show of such a brilliant band.⁣”

You can see Page’s latest Instagram post below.