During an interview with Chris Bird, Led Zeppelin’s founder and legendary guitarist Jimmy Page confirmed that he had a precise plan in his mind for Led Zeppelin ever since the first day.

In the interview, when Chris Bird told Jimmy Page that it is obvious he had envisioned Led Zeppelin’s future right from the start, Jimmy Page replied that he actually did. As you may recall, Jimmy Page was a member of The Yardbirds before he founded Led Zeppelin. However, it seems like he had started planning Led Zeppelin’s future when he was still in The Yardbirds.

He started responding to the interviewer’s comment by saying ‘I really knew what it was that I wanted to do‘ and continued by giving an example of one of the songs he had written, ‘Tangerine‘, one of the biggest successes of Led Zeppelin’s third album. Page said that he actually wrote ‘Tangerine‘ when he was still a member of The Yardbirds and pointed out why he did not rush into including it to Led Zeppelin’s first two albums.

The reason for that, Jimmy Page explained, was because he wanted the songs of each album to be coherent and fit together. Thus, Tangerine would not suit the first two albums but evidently, their third album was a perfect fit.

Even though this is a single example, Page argues that he followed a similar tactic with other aspects too. Having proven his farsighted approach to the band’s future and success, Jimmy Page laughingly finished his response to the interviewer’s comment by saying ‘So, yeah, I had a bit of a plan.’

Here is what Chris Bird asked Jimmy Page:

“It’s evident that you had a clear vision for Led Zeppelin right from the start.”

To which Jimmy Page replied:

“Yes, I did. I really knew what it was that I wanted to do. If you think about it, on the third album there’s ‘Tangerine,’ but I wrote ‘Tangerine’ back in The Yardbirds.

So I’d waited an amount of time. I didn’t stick it on the first album or the second. I waited until it would fit in with the right texture of everything else. It fits great in the third album.

So, yeah, I had a bit of a plan. And not just for that one number, of course!”

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