Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page revealed the details on recording the lost song of The Rolling Stones and shared his thoughts about the collaboration between them by speaking in a recent interview with BBC radio.

As you might already know, The Rolling Stones released a lost song which was recorded in 1974 featuring Jimmy Page, named Scarlet, and stunned the followers with this golden-wroth song. In the songs, Jimmy Page played the solo guitar parts and showed off his talent.

In the interview with BBC, Jimmy mentioned lots of things about the Scarlet song, their collaboration, and more. Jimmy shared a part of the interview on his official Instagram account while he was talking about his first meeting with The Rolling Stones legends, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Jimmy stated that he actually met Keith and Mick before not even recording the ‘Scarlet’  before they were even The Rolling Stones. Jimmy said that they met in the ‘Blues Package Tour’ with Keith and Mick, and they didn’t know who he was back in the days.

Here is what Jimmy Page captioned:

“Last Wednesday I spoke to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2 about how The Rolling Stones and I recorded ‘Scarlet’ in 1974 – here’s a snippet from the interview to listen to.”

Jimmy Page said in the interview:

“We do go back a long way with Mick and Keith and myself. I did actually meet them on a Blues Package Tour before they were The Rolling Stones. So it was really all the blues fanatics sort of congregated to Manchester to hear like John Lee Hooker coming in these various artists.

I remember going to a house somebody was a record collector and they were there and I got introduced to them and they probably didn’t really know who I was or remember it but I do remember it…”

You can check out the post and listen to the full radio show by clicking here.