Led Zeppelin mastermind Jimmy Page added a new story to his ‘On This Day’ archive on social media accounts, and today, he revealed another untold story from Led Zep’s 1969 tour.

In the caption area, Jimmy mentioned the experience that they had at Honolulu airport and revealed the backstory of the hilarious photo that you can see below.

If you look at the photo, there’s an interesting detail and a fan noticed it. Here’s the detail a fan noticed: in the photo, it looks like Led Zeppelin drummer Bonzo is foreseeing social distancing. You have to check it out below.

Here’s what Jimmy told about the day that photo was taken:

“Here we are at Honolulu airport, getting Lei’ed on the spot! ⁣

On the 1969 tour, the second album was in the process of being recorded. For the sake of security, the multitrack tapes were being carried as hand luggage.

It seemed a good idea to have each member carrying one of the boxes for the photograph. However, at the time, few people would have understood the significance of this picture.⁣”

A fan named Silva commented:

“Bonzo foreseeing social distancing”

Silva’s comment got a lot of like from the other Instagram users and make them smile. See the original Instagram post below.