In an interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page talked about the time his dear bandmate John Bonham was still alive and revealed what they had been planning about the band’s future.

As you may recall, the Led Zeppelin family lost a precious member of the band, John Bonham, on September 25, 1980, while he was only 32 years old. John Bonham, also known as Bonzo, was found unresponsive following a heavy day of drinking at the rehearsals. The cause of his death was later announced as a shock from inhaling vomit with alcohol in his system.

Recently, Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page joined a conversation with Classic Rock Magazine and talked about the plans he and his beloved friend Bonzo made for their band before his tragic death.

Apparently, after their seventh studio album ‘Presence’ released in 1976, Page and Bonham started discussing the theme for the next Led Zeppelin album. During the interview, Jimmy stated that ‘Presence’ was mainly a ‘guitar album‘ and it was time to do a ‘keyboard album.’ However, Bonzo’s sudden death changed all the plans and led to the band’s break up.

Here’s what Jimmy Page stated about the plans he and Bonzo made:

“John Bonham and I discussed what sort of shape the next album should be – because each album was different from the last.

It just so happened that 1976’s Presence was basically a guitar album, so as John Paul Jones had his Dream Machine, it was only right to do a keyboard album. So we had been discussing what we’d do for the next one, and there were definite ideas of what we could do.”

Additionally, Jimmy revealed whether he had any regrets regarding everything he had done throughout his personal life as well as his music career. Page asserted that although life wasn’t always easy on him, he always tried to think of the positive sides instead of the negativities so that he wouldn’t have regrets.

Here’s what Page said about having regrets:

“Regrets can grow into resentments, can’t they? And I try not to hold resentments. Processing them makes life more like a load. The thing about life is that it isn’t all wine and roses.

Well, it certainly isn’t a wine for me anymore, it’s a rocky road and a topographical landscape that’s sometimes difficult to navigate.

So, what do you have to do? You have to rethink it… and it’s good to be able to think in a more positive way than in a negative way.”

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