Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page spoke in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine and revealed why he likes hip-hop music while sharing the similarities of the genre with Led Zeppelin.

In the conversation, Jimmy pointed out that say hip-hop musicians are educated in so many areas and stated that there are so many songs they are listening to and praised their talent

Because of that, hip-hop musicians could be able to combine this knowledge and make it into another art form. In this way, Brian showed his respect for the musicians in the hip-hop genre.

While praising the talent of these musicians, Jimmy also mentioned that they have lots of similarities with Led Zeppelin and said that turning the knowledge into art is one of the similarities between hip-hop and Led Zeppelin.

Here is what Jimmy Page said:

“Without talking about the samples of our music, you could tell with hip-hop that they were sort of educated in so many areas, the stuff that they listened to, and they knew how to combine it and make it into another art form.

Well, that’s great. Because I mean, that’s basically what happens with Led Zeppelin.”

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