Led Zeppelin’s founder and iconic guitarist, Jimmy Page, recently posted a photo from over 50 years ago on Instagram and talked about the time he was just starting to make a name as a musician and had the chance to play lead guitar and work with Dave Berry.

As probably know, Jimmy Page is highly active on his social media accounts but instead of announcing his new projects or sharing his views on various matters, prefers posting photos from years ago and telling unheard stories. Jimmy Page can be seen as his archive where he stores his memories and shares his happy memories with his devoted fans.

Recently, he posted the photo of Dave Berry and The Cruisers, a successful English musician and his backing band. The photo featured a record, which was apparently released in the mid-’60s. As it turns out Jimmy Page played as a session musician in the recording of their hit song ‘My Baby Left Me‘ which was originally written, recorded, and released by Arthur Crudup in 1951.

The reason why this memory is very special for Jimmy Page is twofold; firstly, it was the first time he played as the lead guitarist which was very exciting for him, and secondly, he was a fan of Dave Berry and guitarist Big Jim Sullivan and really enjoyed working alongside side them and learning more about music.

In the caption, Page said that Dave Berry was a visionary as he was famous for his unusual delivery and ‘unique stage presence in a live situation.’ He also added that, even though having access to information was harder at the time, he probably knew that this song was sung by Arthur Crudup and Elvis Presley in 1956 before him as he had a great taste in music.

Here’s what Jimmy Page said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“On this day in 1964, ‘My Baby Left Me’ by Dave Berry and The Cruisers was released. It was recorded in Decca Number Two Studios in West Hampstead, London.

This was one of those sessions with guitarist Big Jim Sullivan. He was one of the seasoned sessioneers and I was the new kid on the block. But on this, I played lead guitar. Dave Berry was known for his unusual delivery and unique stage presence in a live situation. His musical taste was also quite eclectic. He probably knew this number by Big Boy Arthur Crudup, as well as Elvis Presley.”

You can check out the photo that Jimmy Page posted on his Instagram account below.