The Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty recently had an interview with Forbes, and revealed an unpleasent story about him, Chris Dreja and Led Zeppelin.

According to Jim McCarty, when Keith and he decided to leave the band and do something different, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones wanted to call the new lineup as ‘The New Yadbirds.’

Chris Dreja had rights to ‘The Yadbirds’ name, so he sent his lawyer’s letter, and threaten the band legally.

Here is what Jim McCarty said:

The Yardbirds petered out. We were so tired, on the road for three years, playing every night. We lost all the creativity in the band. It wasn’t quite the same with the four-piece lineup.

Keith and I decided to leave to do something totally different, which we did with Renaissance. But there was already a tour booked with Vanilla Fudge. So Jimmy went and did it with Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones. They called it The New Yardbirds for the first tour.

Chris Dreja got shunted out in favor of John Paul Jones. But Chris had rights to the name. He stopped them from using The New Yardbirds, sent them a lawyer’s letter or something. So legally they couldn’t carry on with it. They changed it to Zeppelin.

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