Last year, Chris Salewicz released his Jimmy Page biography, Jimmy Page: The Definitive Biography. Houston Press’ Bob Ruggerio shared an excerpt from the book and revealed a story about

Here is what Ruggerio wrote:

“Salewicz charts it all, with a combination of original interviews, his own experiences with the band, and previously published sources.

Perhaps the most entertaining of which comes from former girlfriend Bebe Buell’s memoir in where after she and Page took mescaline, she became frightened at what she perceived was the actual size of Page’s penis – huge enough to stretch across the room.

In other stories, Page’s legendary parsimony and reluctance to ever pay for a tab despite his vast wealth gave him the nickname “Led Wallet.”

The author does have a couple of odd personal agenda items, like ascribing certain actions or incidences to astrological signs. Or trying to make a head-scratching argument that the pace of recording for Zeppelin’s first record or the material on Presence could be taken as ‘punk rock.'”

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