Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page‘s girlfriend, Scarlett Sabet has recently asked world-wide fans of the band to support the independent bookshop Liberia London.

The bookshop, situated in the center of London is regulated to the new social distancing measures. Being a bookshop by Second Home, they declare their mission to boost creativity and novelty as well as encouraging new ways of thinking.

Giving voice to small businesses, London based poet shares the following words on her Instagram Story, asking for the help of her followers:

“Please consider giving Liberia London your support! As well as being a beautiful independent bookstore they host reading and have weekly ‘Language Labs’ for learning and inclusion in the community.”

Sabet additionally attaches the link to Liberia London’s official Instagram post and provides a gateway between the independent library and her followers for this important cause. Her post shines a light on her benevolency as well as her willingness to guide her following to participate in the supporting of this small business.

You can check out the 360° photograph on the official Liberia London website and witness the range of selections of books without even going there.

You can see the screenshot of Sabet’s post below.

Scarlett Sabet – Instagram Stories