Led Zeppelin’s astonishing guitarist Jimmy Page’s young girlfriend and also well-known spoken-word artist, Scarlett Sabet posted a recent photo on Instagram stories to show off her no-makeup face.

As Scarlett mentioned in the post, this photo was taken during the early lights of the day and to be honest, she looks really exhausted and tired at all.

Here is what Scarlett simply wrote on the photo:

“Early morning light.

Early morning face.”

You may check out the photo of Scarlett right below.

Last month, Jimmy Page posted a new photo on his official and verified Instagram account today, and he reminded the story of his band’s iconic album, Led Zeppelin I.

As Jimmy added yet another part to his well-known series, ‘On This Day,’ he also asked a question to all of his followers: “What’s your ultimate track from Led Zeppelin I?

As lots of Instagram users responded to his question, The School of Rock star, Jack Black was one of the followers who responded.

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