Jimmy Page guitar tech Greg Howard recently spoke to Ultimate Guitar and recalled the time when he was on the tour with Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes as his technician and described the moments that they spent together as crazy.

As you may know, Greg Howard, who is also the owner of 3 monkeys, became one of the most successful guitar techs of the rock scene after he had proved his talents and worked for iconic bands, such as AC/DC, Aerosmith, Green Day, Linkin Park, and Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes.

Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes collaborated for a two-night performance in October 1999 and their setlist included Led Zeppelin songs. Also, their performance was recorded and released as a live album named ‘Live at the Greek: Excess All Areas’ on February 29, 2000. During their concerts, Greg Howard was one of Jimmy Page’s guitar techs and he still can’t forget those moments.

In his recent conversation, Howard remembered the first time when Page asked his name while he was touring with Page and The Black Crowes. He described his moments with the Led Zeppelin icon as surreal and crazy and also highlighted the extraordinary characteristics of Page such as his kindness toward him.

Howard stated in his interview that:

“It was surreal, I’d be tuning Audley’s guitar offstage during a show and look over and 20 feet from me would be Jimmy Page playing ‘Black Dog’, etc.

One cool thing was when we started rehearsals with Jimmy, his tech Binky showed up with an entire semi of Jimmy’s gear, all those classic amps, and guitars. Binky said, ‘I had to bring it all, you never know what Jimmy will want.’ So the famous Les Pauls, the Stairway Doubleneck, the B-Bender Tele, etc. They were all there, it was crazy!

Jimmy was a lovely man. He came over to me at soundcheck one day and asked my name, I said, ‘It’s Greg like Greg Rzab.’ Jimmy said, ‘Right, maybe everyone should be named Greg, then I’d know everybody’s name.’ I wish that tour had lasted longer.

Consequently, touring with the Led Zeppelin legend as his guitar technician became an unforgettable memory for Greg Howard and he stated that he wanted to spend more time with Jimmy Page.