Quiet Riot’s Jizzy Pearl recently joined Chris Akin Presents for an interview during which he revealed that the band is getting ready to release new music with drummer Frankie Banali.

After changing their lineup and dissolving several times in the past, Quiet Riot disbanded in 2003. However, Frankie Banali and Kevin DuBrow reformed the band again a year later. One year after releasing the ‘Rehab’ album in 2006, DuBrow died unexpectedly. So, Banali announced Quiet Riot’s disbandment yet again in early 2008.

In 2010, Banali reformed Quiet Riot with Chuck Wright and Alex Grossi. In 2013, Jizzy Pearl joined the band after Scott Vokoun’s departure. With this lineup, Quiet Riot released their first album in eight years, titled ’10.’ Following that, they released two more albums: 2017’s ‘Road Rage’ and 2019’s ‘Hollywood Cowboys.’

At that time, Banali was diagnosed with stage-IV pancreatic cancer. Sadly, on August 20, 2020, he died from the disease. Quiet Riot then continued without him and recruited Johnny Kelly. In the summer of 2021, they embarked on a tour and announced the release of new music in 2022.

In an interview on the show Chris Akin Presents, Jizzy Pearl revealed the details of the upcoming Quiet Riot album. The singer took Banali’s drum tracks from the band’s unreleased songs and included them in their new album. So, the album will feature Banali’s drumming even after his death.

In the interview with Chris Akin, Jizzy Pearl said the following:

“Basically, Frankie’s drum tracks have been – you know that game, ‘Operation,’ where you take the tweezers? We pulled his drum tracks and have written all-new music for that. There’s new music. Hopefully, people will dig it. We’ll see.”

Currently, fans are excitedly waiting for the new album’s release as it might possibly coincide with Quiet Riot’s forthcoming 2022 tour. Moreover, Banali’s legacy will come alive in the new record as his musical efforts will be heard in the tracks.