In a recent episode of “Kyle Meredith With…”, Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna were guest on that podcast.

During the conversation, Kurt Cobain’s unknown ex-girlfriend was revealed by Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna. According to recent post of Alternative Nation, here’s the conversation:

Joan Jett:

“Yeah, I think it was 1980. No, you must be right 1979.”

Kenny Laguna:

“He’s right, because you made I Love Rock and Roll in Europe in 1979, then you met me in 1979.”


“It was 79.”


“So his date was right, I think it was 1978. We knew Kurt, we knew Dave a little, we kind of met. Joan was producing Bikini Kill. Bikini Kill’s drummer, Tobi, was Kurt Cobain’s girlfriend.


“The original, pre-Courtney.”

Bikini Kill was an American punk rock band formed in Olympia, Washington, in October 1990.

You can listen the entire conversation from below.