American blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa was the latest interview guest of DistroKid’s Corey Wong this week, and he talked about many things from the story of playing Eric Clapton’s guitars twice, to his thoughts on the current state of the blues genre right now.

You might already familiar with his name that Joe Bonamassa is considered one of the best guitarists of all time, and he was nominated for Grammy Award in 2013. His latest ever album named ‘Royal Tea’ that features 10 never-released-before tracks was released in October 2020.

In his latest conversation with Corey Wong, Joe was asked to share the experience of playing Eric Clapton’s guitars. Joe stated that he played ‘Hare Krishna 335‘ and ‘Blackie‘ and especially, Blackie was a really rough experience for him. In the same interview, Joe talked about the state of blues right now. According to Bonamassa, there is always going to be a traditionalist in the world that says, ‘It only should sound like this.’

Here is what he said about where the Blues genre is heading to:

“The blues has always been written off, it’s like – I can pull out Guitar World articles from the ’70s, ‘Is the blues dead?’ Rolling Stone, ‘Is the blues dead?‘ This discussion has been going on for 50 years.

But there’s always somebody that comes along and gives it a B12 shock. Gary Clark Jr. for example. I have the utmost respect for anybody who’s out there and plays the blues-rock whack-a-mole, OK?

And when I say blues-rock whack-a-mole, it’s like, if you have the balls to stick your head up and go, ‘Hi, I’m here, here to play some blues for you.’ There’s gonna be traditionalists with a club… The traditionalists are like, ‘It only should sound like this.’

But they said that about Clapton, they said that about Zeppelin, they said that about all of that classic British stuff that I loved when I was a kid.”

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