During a recent interview with V13, American guitarist Joe Bonamassa talked about his music and revealed his favorite recordings that he made in a long time.

In the conversation, Joe mentioned that his most creative place was before founding out his voice, which is referring to Blues Deluxe album, and said that this album is a really great blues album.

Afterward, Joe unveiled his best recordings he had released recently and stated that ‘Different Shades Of Blue’ and ‘Royal Tea’ are the best ones. However, Joe pointed out that he can not choose between these albums.

As you might already know, Joe released Different Shades Of Blue back in 2014, and he released Royal Tea in October 2020. Even though Royal Tea is the newest album by Joe, he showed how much he believes in this recording.

Interviewer asked:

“If someone was to ask you, ‘What’s a good place to start from your catalog of music?’ If they never had contacts or never have listened to the studio albums, what would you steer them to?”

Joe Bonamassa replied:

“I think there is a couple of eras. Me at my most creative place and just about before I was able to find out my voice – there is a record called ‘Blues Deluxe’ that’s pretty much a jam-y, pretty beat blues record that’s a snapshot of a live show.

I think my best record that I’ve done in a long time is a combination of ‘Different Shades of Blue’ and the new one, ‘Royal Tea,’ but I can’t choose the best song.”

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