Blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa spoke in a recent interview with The Eddie Trunk Podcast and talked about one of the most important days of his career referring to a particular moment with the blues and rock guitarist Eric Clapton.

As you may recall, back in 2009, Joe Bonamassa appeared at London’s Royal Albert Hall and mesmerized all of the audience with his two-hour-long show. Also, another iconic guitarist, Eric Clapton, guested on the stage.

In a recent conversation, Bonamassa mentioned that this concert was a life-changing experience for him, and he knew that this moment would impact his whole life. Joe stated that he really appreciated Eric Clapton’s appearance on that stage with him.

In addition, Joe stated that he would never repay Eric Clapton for what he has done for him and showed his gratitude to the guitar legend. While showing his respect to Clapton, Joe also said that he was really blessed to be on the stage with him.

Here is what Joe Bonamassa said about his performance with Eric Clapton:

“It did, and you can see it on that DVD, it’s the moment my life changed – and I knew it. And very rarely are you aware of situations that could be life-changing, but I was aware of it all day. I go, ‘This is it.’

At that point, 20 years’ worth of work, sweat, and whatever – and I said, ‘It’s all coming down to the next two hours.’ One of the things I learned that night is – when you get into those special situations, I could’ve easily let that venue play me.

It’s just intimidating. Mr. Clapton comes out – even more intimidating. And I just said, ‘Here’s the deal; I am who I am, I will always be who I am, I can’t change. And I’m not gonna change now after 20 years to do anything different.'”

Bonamassa continued:

“I just went out there and played, and that was really, to me, a life-changing moment that I can never repay Eric the debt of gratitude that I owe him.

He did that, and he knew that if he came out, it was the blessing that I needed to shoot me out of a canon, especially in the UK.”

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