Joe Bonamassa, the great blues-rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, opened up about social media, his early age gigs, his favorite guitar ever, his ‘Bona-seum,’ and also his addiction to collecting guitars and amps during a conversation with Marci Wiser.

Joe Bonamassa started playing guitar at age of four. Bonamassa started his career at a young age of 12, he had his own band called ‘Smokin Joe Bonamassa,’ and he opened for B.B. King at nearly 20 shows only in 1989. His 11 solo albums out of 15 reached number one on the Billboard Blues charts.

Besides his musical success, Bonamassa is also known for his extensive guitar and amplifier collection. He refers to the area of his house with his collection as the ‘Bona-seum.’ Being so passionate with his guitars, Marci Wiser asked him about his collection and his ‘Bona-seum.’

Bonamassa replied:

“Yeah, my dad started a music store in the ’90s, and I just started buying when I had the money to buy. It’s escalated, I have an addictive personality in certain things.

Thankfully, drugs and alcohol are not one of them, but other things, that’s where the addiction goes. Guitars and amps are right up there.

I have Principle Skinner – because I’m a huge ‘Simpsons’ fan – I have a guitar named Lazarus because I rescued it almost from the dead, you know, I don’t name them all but the ones that are kind of cool and important, I name them.

Joe Bonamassa also mentioned his favorite guitar in the collection and he also stated that while it is in the collection, unfortunately, it is not playable. His favorite guitar stands as a figure to remind him where it all started.

Here is what Joe Bonamassa said about his favorite guitar:

“I have my first Fender Strat, that I ever bought when I was a kid, $225 at Big Apple Music in New York – and it was all the money in the world, and I hid it from my mother because she would’ve killed me if she knew I spent all of my allowances, savings on this guitar.

And I hid the guitar in the place she would least expect, it was right under her side of the bed. She slept on top of it for about six months before she realized I bought it.”

He added:

“It is in the collection of the Nerdville West Bonoseum, which is in California, and I still have the BB King sign on itBuddy Guy signed it, John Lee Hooker signed it, you know, all these people that I played with when I was a kid signed it.

“And it’s unplayable now, it’s too far gone – it’s more of a figurehead as to where it all started.”

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