43-year-old legendary American blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa spoke in the recent interview with Eddie Trunk and revealed his strategy to make him ‘legend’ in a long period.

In the conversation, Joe stated that servicing the fans is the main factor behind his success by mentioning the times he was selling the songs from the back of the van. He said that this is the way how he built his fanbase and proved how much he worked to get in this position.

Furthermore, Joe told Eddie that he feels so lucky to have a fanbase that loves the music that he made all the time and showed his gratitude for the audience who are following him for over twenty years.

Here is what Joe Bonamassa said:

“I feel fortunate that I was able to build my core fan base pre-social media, the old-school way. I mean, it’s a total marathon; not a sprint, not a hit song.

And even though I have a few songs that my fans need to hear on the live side, I feel fortunate that I’m not a social media artist in the sense that I just didn’t come out of nowhere on Instagram.

I was out there basically selling it brick-and-mortar out of the back of our van for many years, and that’s how I built the core fanbase. And it’s also – for me, it’s very rewarding to see that because believe it or not, of all the side projects and live records, I have 43 albums out.”

He continued:

“I mean, it’s just strategy that we had of just servicing the fans that like this kind of music and they buy anything, from my new studio album to ‘Live at the Sydney Opera House.’

They like this kind of music, and I’m very fortunate that they’ve come along on this journey with me for about 20 years or more.”

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