Blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa shared a long letter on his official and verified Instagram account today and told the story of how his special ‘The Bludgeon ’51 Nocaster‘ guitar was stolen while it was being transported by FedEx.

Earlier this week, Joe took his official Twitter account before penning a long letter to FedEx to state that he wants his guitar back. He also shared that it was a Fender Custom JB006, and it was on his way to Guitar World for reviews ten days ago. According to Joe, FedEx’s videos prove that it was scanned into their distribution center in Nashville and it never left the area for then days.

After all those days, FedEx Help center called Joe multiple times and according to the long letter of Bonamassa, his 23-pound guitar box disappeared all of a sudden. Joe also suggested his fans not to use FedEx after 26 years of using their service and feeling reliable, they become the example of a rapid epic fail in the last six months.

Here is what Joe Bonamassa wrote in the caption of the post:

“Just off the phone with the very nice representative from FedEx… (It’s not her fault in the slightest.) So basically what they are saying is that my guitar is MIA within their system without recourse nor hope of a solution. (There is a video of it going on their truck from their facility on 3rd and Broadway Nashville, Tn. and scanned into the distribution center only a few miles away.)

I will try not to play detective here… But I would surmise that it was stolen probably by someone who had access to the truck or the distribution facility. To be honest, a 23-pound guitar box does not just disappear that easily with or without a tracking number. I cannot stress enough that if you are shipping something important. DO NOT USE FEDEX!”

Bonamassa continued:

“After 25 years of using their service and it being extremely reliable, they have become the example of rapid epic fail in the past 6 months. If you see JB006 at Fender Custom Shop Nocaster for sale or hanging around, it is stolen and I would like it returned.

No questions asked, all I would like is the return of the test guitar that was on its way to Guitar World Magazine for review. This is the first guitar I have had stolen in 31 years of collecting. If you are shipping anything of value please avoid FedEx at all costs. I can’t stress this enough.”

You can check out the photo of the post right below.

Photo Credit: Joe Bonamassa – Instagram