Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier spoke in a recent interview with Guitar World and talked about the greatest metal band of all time, Metallica.

In the conversation, Joe admitted that he had a crush on Metallica when he was a teenager. While saying that they were one of the first bands he listened to metal, he also showed his respect for the band.

Furthermore, Joe mentioned that he discovered heavy metal by listening to Metallica. Also, Joe said that he has been listening to them since the legendary Ride The Lightning album.

When asked what it felt like to tour with Metallica, Joe pointed out that they have learned lots of things from the bands they toured with and said that they are taking notes every time they see them on the stage.

Here is what Joe Duplantier said:

“Metallica was my crush when I was a teenager. I discovered heavy music through Metallica.

I was listening to them almost exclusively for several years, starting with ‘Ride the Lightning’… I learned a lot listening to their albums.”

Interviewer asked:

“You’ve also toured with Metallica. Did you learn any tricks watching them up close?”

Joe Duplantier replied:

“Of course. Every time we’re watching Metallica – and all these bands that took us on the road like Behemoth, In Flames, Lamb of God, Rammstein – we’re always the geeks with our notebook taking notes.”

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