Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier spoke in a recent interview with Revolver Magazine and talked about their newest single, Born For One Thing.

As you might already know, Gojira released their seventh studio album, Fortitude, in April 2021. The album was featuring such singles as ‘Another World,’ ‘Born For One Thing,’ and many more.

In the conversation, Joe revealed that the last riff of the ‘Born For One Thing’ song was originally written for another song, but the song was too bad. Therefore, they didn’t want to waste such a good riff on a bad song and shifted things up.

Furthermore, the frontman of the band mentioned that they wanted the whole song badass instead of people loving the riff more than a song and this was the reason why they made the call.

Here is what Joe Duplantier said:

“We did move parts around indeed. That ending – we had that part in another song but we felt the other song didn’t deserve that riff. You don’t want your awesome riff to carry the whole song because it’s too bad.

You want to do the whole thing badass, it has to be pumped, and then when the shit comes, you’re even more pumped. You don’t want to be, ‘I don’t know about that song but I like that riff though.’ You don’t want it.

So that riff was living with another song, and then we had that intro for a while. This is the typical example of a song that really went through a lot of phases and bits and parts came together slowly.”

He continued:

“Then we had to crack the code by finding the proper course so we tried several courses. It’s not always like that, other songs come ‘boom’, just like that in one day.

It was a combination of a couple of riffs, maybe two or three, and then there’s a breakdown that shows, ‘OK, we have the song! I don’t know in what order but we have it! That’s it!’ That happened – the magic combination.”

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