Gojira guitarist and also the frontman of the band, Joe Duplantier, was recently interviewed by BBC Radio’s ‘Raised On Radio’ this week and talked about influencing the younger generation as well as his relationship with Metallica co-founder James Hetfield.

As you may already follow the French metal band Gojira, the group released their seventh studio album named ‘Fortitude’ last month via RoadRunner Records and it’s their first-ever studio recording after releasing ‘Magma’ back in 2016. The album got great reviews from the authorities and their first single ‘Another World’ managed to become their first-ever Billboard-charting song which debuted at number twelve spot on the list.

While Gojira and Joe are still promoting their latest album, Joe himself was the latest interview guest of BBC’s ‘Daniel P. Carter’ and admitted that he’s still trying to pretend like they are friends with James Hetfield while he feels like a fanatic despite they know each other for a long time. In the same interview, he also was asked if he’s aware of the influence that Gojira is making on new generation bands.

Here is what Duplantier said:

“I don’t think about it too much. I’m aware of it, that we had after all these years an impact and influenced other bands, but I see how that can happen.

I was influenced by so many artists, and they ignited a fire in me, you know, Metallica, Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Death, even Scorpions at some time before high school. Iron Maiden, Pantera… I was made of all these things, and it made our band, and it gave us a direction to follow and some guidance and incredible inspiration.”

Joe continued his statement:

“We got together, we were using the same formula, the same setup, two guitars one bass, one drum – it’s not much that changed since the first rock bands that happened in the ’60s. What we did is just add our thing and stick together, so if anything, it’s the consistency, that we never stopped touring and making albums and we’re always there, we care, and we’re professional.

So it’s almost natural that at some point it has an impact on somebody, somebody’s always there touring, playing, touring, playing and something cool comes out of it, but it’s amazing.

I have to pinch myself sometimes to check if this is really happening, our band is successful and is having an impact on other bands and stuff, it’s incredible.”

You can watch the interview right below.

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