Gojira lead singer Joe Duplantier was interviewed by Revolver Magazine to reflect his ideas about their latest record and unveiled whether the band is working on their upcoming album or not.

Gojira released their seventh studio album entitled ‘Fortitude’ on April 30, 2021. Their fans got very excited and happy about it after five years of waiting. The album received critical acclaim by being described as a more cohesive work than their previous record and hit the charts all around the world.

In his recent interview, the journalist wanted to know if Joe Duplantier has started writing and composing any songs for their new albums. The frontman responded to the question saying that the band’s drummer Mario, who is also his brother, has been sending him some drum patterns for a while.

However, according to the singer, it’s too early to start working on a new album, although Mario Duplantier is ready to do it. He stated that Gojira is going to start their European tour soon. Nonetheless, the musician delighted their fans by giving a detail about their next album; he said that their eighth studio album could be a death metal-influenced work.

Duplantier stated in his interview that:

“Mario’s on fire. He’s throwing drum patterns at me day and night, and I’m like, ‘Wait, wait, wait, let me digest what we’ve just been through.’ I almost, sort of out of respect for ‘Fortitude,’ don’t want to think about a new album now because we’re about to go on tour in Europe, and it’s going to be one of the biggest tours we’ve ever done in terms of capacity. So I’m really, really focused on that.

There’s one thing I gotta say, though. As much as I appreciate melodies and exploring new vibes and new tonalities with Gojira, I’m still a death-metal head in my heart, and Mario, too. After doing this album that’s more toward a rock approach — although there’re metal elements in it — I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a bit harder on the next album.

Thus, it might be said that Gojira fans should expect a death metal album since Joe Duplantier refused to talk in-depth about their next record but drew attention to his never-ending interest and passion for death metal.