The co-founder and rhythm guitarist of Gojira, Joe Duplantier, was recently interviewed by Code Orange ringleader Jami Morgan for Revolver’s new Spring Issue and talked about many things from their new album to his 25-years-long music journey.

As you might already follow the France-based heavy metal band Gojira that the band released their seventh studio album named ‘Fortitude’ last month after being silent for 5 years. The album features eleven new tracks including three bonus tracks for Japanese Edition and it’s their first-ever studio effort after releasing ‘Magma’ back in 2016.

In the interview, Duplantier was asked how he keeps his inducement while he continues his career. Gojira frontman confessed that they were dreaming to be the next Metallica of the metal scene and being as great they can still make them push.

Here is what Duplantier said to Jami Morgan:

“We were born a bit late after the whole music industry was flourishing and all these bands could sell a lot of records and be comfortable in music. The music business was really different back then. When we started, it was the late ’90s but took us 10 years because we came from a small village in the southwest of France [Ondres]. It took us 10 years to just break through these borders.

And the closest people we had, that were in the business, were not necessarily giving good advice. They would tell us, ‘Hey, you should sing in French,’ and, ‘What’s up with the death metal thing? You guys need to do some hip-hop shit.’

So anyway, people didn’t believe we could make it but we did. I think, for us, the key was that we weren’t really after the immediate result, we were already blown away to be able to just play together and create that ball of energy that we would play in front of people.

It was a very immediate reward for us – we would play a show, people with the headbang went, ‘Yeah!’ Happy. So for 10 years, it was just that, but it was more and more and more people headbanging in front of us. After 10 years we were like, ‘Hey man, we did something already in France.'”

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