Gojira frontman and co-founder Joe Duplantier sat down with Everblack Media this week and talked about the upcoming album of the band named ‘Fortitude’ as well as the iconic guitar technique of Gojira named ‘pick scrape’ which is also known as ‘pick slide.’

As you may already know, pick scrape is a rare guitar technique that was invented by legendary American guitarist Bo Diddley, and it can be heard in the opening of his iconic song ‘Road Runner’ which was released in 1960. Despite it’s a really easy to perform trick, and it sounds cool for the ears, the Gojira frontman improved the technique and took it to another level.

In the interview, Everblack stated that so many bands have taken his signature pick scrape, and if he got a dollar for every pick scrape that was used by another musician, he would be a billionaire so far. While he was asked to share the origin story of pick scrape, Joe admitted that he invented the technique by accident.

Here is what Duplantier said:

“It came from an accident. Let me show you – I’ve been sort of vague with that pick scrape, and I’m gonna tell you the truth about it because I know we don’t have a lot of time but at least I’ll give you something.

Everything is here, the skin of the thumb. It’s not gonna do anything because I’m not plugged, you need a lot of distortion. And you need just your skin! And then I add this fancy move right there with my left hand but it doesn’t do shitI it’s just for show, it looks cool.”

He continued:

“So people are like, ‘Oh, it’s a combination of several things!’ No, no, it’s only the skin on the strings with a lot of distortion. It was an accident on tour. I had this part where I was supposed to play something, and then instead, I started to do this with my hand, and accidentally every single night on this tour, I would touch strings with my skin.

I was like, ‘What the…? What was that sound?’ And I sort of tamed it, and I mastered it, and then it was all over the next record which was ‘From Mars to Sirius’. So that’s how it was born.”

You can watch the whole conversation below.

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