Def Leppard frontman and co-founder of the band, Joe Elliott, was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel of Mitch Lafon last week and talked about the band’s recently released ‘Box Set Volume 3’ as well as the final chorus of ‘Hysteria.’

As you may follow Leppard’s career that Hysteria is the fourth studio album of the English rock band which was released back in 1987. The album charted at the number one spot on both United Kingdom Album Charts and US Billboard 200 and became one of the most-selling albums of the history of the band.

In his latest interview, Def Leppard legend was asked to reveal who was singing the fourth single of the self-titled album in which super-high vocals say, ‘Get hysterical, hysteria.’  While Elliott could not remember who was the vocal exactly, he stated that it’s highly possible that Robert John Lange and he combined the vocals.

Here is the statement of Joe:

“I think it’s Mutt and I combined because we’d be the only two that can get that high. I mean, Vivian can but he wasn’t in the band at the time. So it’s either just Mutt or it’s me and Mutt.

I don’t remember, it’s a long time. Asking me to remember a 20-minute part of us to start recording and finishing that bit, it’s like asking me what did I have for breakfast that day.”

You can watch the interview below.