In a recent interview with U.K.’s Express, the famous frontman of Del Leppard, Joe Elliot, revealed a secret about the band’s possible new studio album while the band members were on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

During these lockdown days as a part of the precautions due to coronavirus crisis, many bands from the rock and metal world had to postpone or cancel their concerts and tours. However, this didn’t withhold some of the bands from working on new recordings.

According to the statements of Joe Elliot in an interview for U.K.’s Express, Def Leppard was also among those bands who never stop working on new songs. During the interview, Joe revealed the details of the band’s work ethic and it was quite impressive.

“The one thing about this band is it never stops working, even when we’re not visible. We are always doing something, we’re always writing, we keep in touch with each other regarding putting new ideas together.”

Furthermore, Joe gave a secret about a possible upcoming album of Def Leppard during the lockdown:

“It is very possible that something may occur during this lockdown. We’ve got nothing concrete; we’ll just have to see how it goes.

We’ve got a lot of historical stuff that’s kinda been sat on the shelf gathering dust that we’re starting to dust down now and say, ‘Now’s the time to start tiding this lot up. So there’s a lot of current work going on right now, whether writing new stuff or tiding up old stuff.

One day we will make another record and it will be a furthering of our story.”

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