In a recent Louder Sound interview, Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott talked about their song ‘This Guitar’ and how they drew inspiration from the Eagles.

Since their inception, Def Leppard has considered themselves a big part of the new wave of the British heavy metal movement of the early ’80s. The group has been together since 1977 and is active in their live performances and releasing new music.

After their self-titled album in 2015, Def Leppard did not release a new album. After a long break, following the pandemic, they released their new album ‘Diamond Star Halos‘ in May.

They created the latest album during the pandemic, so it was a patchwork of songs. Joe Elliott and Phil Collen were the co-writers for most of the songs. Collen had written some songs, including ‘This Guitar,’ which was not meant for Def Leppard.

However, Elliott was persistent and kept the song inspired by the Eagles. He stated that the song had been waiting for seventeen years before he decided to put his vocals on it. He also adds that it’s his best vocal performance on a track to date.

Joe Elliott’s words on the Eagles inspired Def Leppard’s song:

It has a country flavor like the Eagles, not Dolly Parton. We’ve had ‘This Guitar’ knocking around for maybe seventeen years. So I said: ‘For God’s sake, can we try it this time?’ It’s such a great song, so I had to deliver it. It’s one of the best vocals I’ve ever done, and I did it on my laptop with a two-hundred-dollar mic.”

After the release of their new album ‘Diamond Star Halos,’ they became a part of The Stadium Tour, the biggest US rock event of the summer. They are performing alongside another rock icon from the ’80s, Mötley Crüe.