Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliot spoke in a recent interview with BBC Radio and revealed that his rock got is Mott The Hoople singer Ian Hunter.

In the conversation, Joe talked about how he met his rock god and said that when he was only seventeen years old. Also, Joe revealed that he first saw Ian back in 1977 at Doncaster Gaumont.

Furthermore, Joe mentioned that they went backstage after watching their show and their guitarist Earl Slick let them in. Afterward, they stood and chatted with him for half an hour.

Additionally, Joe stated that they met with Ian once again three years after this story but this time, Joe was a musician too. According to Joe, they bumped out with each other throughout to ‘80s.

Here is what Joe Elliot said:

“I first met Ian on the 4th of June 1977 at the Doncaster Gaumont. Me and a couple of friends of mine had traveled from Sheffield to go watch the gig.

We were 17 and 18 years old, it was the summer, it was a beautiful day, we spent the whole day wandering around Doncaster, then eventually got to the show, watched the ‘Overnight Angels,’ fantastic gig, great album, great gig.

We snook backstage afterward, as you could in those days, and up the stairs along the corridor, knocked on the door, and Earl Slick, his guitar player, opened the door and let us in.”

He continued:

“And we had photos taken, stood and chatted with him for about half an hour and then I finally got to meet my hero.

Well, cut to three years later, and I’m in a band, and I’ve made an album, and it’s 1980, I’m in New York on a day off, and Ian Hunter is playing The Ritz in New York.

So our record company organized tickets and passes and I met him again but this time as a musician that he’d kind of heard of – if you like.

And all the way through the ’80s, we kept bumping into each other, I would go to his gigs and eventually I started getting up performing with him.”

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