Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliot spoke in a recent interview with The Jeremy White Podcast and talked about the legendary Hysteria album.

Hysteria is the fourth studio album of the band that released back in 1987. It is the most successful album of the band’s history, selling over 20 million copies. Also, it has a total of eighteen songs in it.

In the conversation, Joe Elliot mentioned that they were pissed off because of the record label when they released the deluxe edition of the Hysteria album in the 19th year of the album.

However, the band members were wanting it to be released on the 20th anniversary, so it really pissed off the whole band to see the label company ruining the legacy of the band.

Joe Elliot said in the interview:

“When the old regime, for example, was in charge, they put the double deluxe version of ‘Hysteria’ out on the 19th anniversary. And I’m sorry, but we all just went, ‘Can’t you just wait one year?’ Those are the things that were pissing us off as a band. It’s all gone away now.”

Further in the conversation, Joe Elliot revealed that they are not planning to release any deluxe edition of the ‘Hysteria’ album until its 40th anniversary and said that there will be unreleased materials that they could put on the album.