Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott recently joined an interview with Zoe Ball and revealed that it was an inspiring process for the band members to create the new album individually.

For the past two years, Def Leppard was among the bands that faced with difficulties of pandemic restrictions. The group planned to hit the road for the ‘Stadium Tour‘ in the summer of 2020. However, they had to reschedule the dates multiple times because of lockdowns. The tour was initially postponed to 2021 and then to 2022.

While the band has been preparing for the upcoming summer tour on June 16, 2022, in Atlanta, the new record ‘Diamond Star Halos‘ came out on May 27, 2022. As they shared in the past, the recording process was challenging because of the complex conditions of the pandemic.

Still, as Joe Elliott revealed recently, the process had positive sides. Elliott explained that they initially planned to meet in his studio in Dublin to record their new album. However, things changed because of the sudden lockdowns during the pandemic.

The vocalist stated that they worked freely without specifying an exact date for the process of the album. According to Elliott, the album’s creation was an inspiring process for the band members because they worked individually instead of spending lots of time in a room together.

Joe Elliott explained in his words:

“The album was born the day the pandemic; you know the lockdown happened. Everybody was supposed to come to my studio in Dublin, Ireland, for four weeks and just for a bit of fun to see what we had. But they got canceled, so we decided to try doing that particular session in one hundred percent remotely, which we’ve dabbled in the past, but we’d never done obviously one hundred percent. Then, when it’s all got postponed, we had this open opportunity to keep going.

What started as a kind of a writing session turned into a full-blown album. We just kept going. We had no end date; we had no delivery date; we were just having total fun, and it was really inspiring working individually rather than in one room. Instead of five alpha males fighting for space, everybody was left with their own devices to just come up with songs.”

You can listen to the entire interview and the album below.