Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry spoke in an interview made by Billboard and considered the possibility of Aerosmith to making a new album. He said:

“We were supposed to actually do a tour of the States this fall and we decided that we would wait because our 50th anniversary is coming up in three years — so we’re just kind of re-establishing our calendar.

It’s given us some space in there. Steve [Tyler, vocals] and I have talked a little bit about doing a record with the other guys and I don’t know… We’ve got the time to do it now, we’ll see how it goes. I mean it would be great to do another record. We’ll have to see how the year plans out.”

He also talked on their upcoming 50th anniversary, which the band will celebrate in 2020. He said:

That’s a long fucking time, man. I mean, it’s been a lot of work keeping it together and it’s easy to see how bands don’t last; it’s just life. Part of it you can control — if everybody has the same goals, you work towards it through the rough spots and all that. And then there’s the stuff that happens that you don’t have control over and we’ve just been really lucky…. There are just so many things that can go wrong to tear a band apart.

We’ve seen it all. The band’s had its periods where it hasn’t been that great, but there’s something about that dream that we always had when we first got together and we’re still all here, we’re taking it day by day.”

You can read entire interview from here.