The iconic founder of Aerosmith, Joe Perry, expressed his gratitude for fans celebrating his birthday after a week has passed since the occasion.

As you might already know, the legendary lead guitarist has celebrated his 70th birthday this past week. Perry, in turn, dedicated a post where he thanked his followers for their good wishes, touching on the demanding quality of his work as well as acknowledging his supportive inner circle.

Here is what he said on his latest Instagram post:

“I just want to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent me a happy birthday note. Kinda cool about finally being in the 70’s club. Ya, don’t get here without work, good luck, an incredible wife, family, and the support and friendship from all my buds!”

Considering the fact that Perry did not share any posts on his birthday, his devoted followers had left their good wishes on his previous post, where Perry celebrated Tim Burton’s birthday.

Perry’s post came relatively late, considering his birthday was last week, on September 10. As this is the case, questions from fans arose on the nature of his delayed acknowledgment, with suspicions of whether there being something wrong.

You can check out Perry’s post below.