Joe Satriani recently joined an interview for the latest issue of Guitarist and talked about his forthcoming studio album, ‘The Elephants of Mars.’ He said that some crazy ideas he tried in the album and revealed the craziest of them all.

The guitarist’s latest and seventeenth studio album, ‘Shapeshifting,’ had arrived on April 10, 2020, in which he revolved around plenty of different styles. Satriani has been currently reading for the release of his eighteenth album, named ‘The Elephants of Mars.’ He had already completed the recording process during the lockdown, and now there is little time left for the album to meet the audience.

As Joe Satriani announced before, the upcoming album will be released on April 8, 2022. It will include 14 tracks in total, and he also released the first single from the record, called ‘Sahara,’ about two months ago and the second one, ‘Faceless,’ about three weeks ago. In his previous interviews, the guitarist explained that he tried to be creative and didn’t hesitate to try new things in his new instrumental album.

Satriani highlighted that he intended to try some crazy ideas on this upcoming album, but the craziest one was totally against his entire career. The guitar virtuoso revealed that he recorded the whole guitar parts with a SansAmp plugin. Thus, there were many other great amplifiers, but he only used this one, which was something that he never tried in his previous instrumental albums. However, he is still very satisfied with the final output.

In Joe Satriani’s words, the craziest aspect of his upcoming album:

“Well, the craziest idea was something that goes against everything I’ve spent my whole career developing. Every guitar sound you hear was recorded direct and we used a SansAmp plugin. That’s insane. If you could see this room I’m in, it’s filled with great amplifiers – and I didn’t use any of them.”

You can listen to two singles Satriani released from his new album below.