Legendary guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani spoke in the recent interview with Total Guitar and named the most talented next generation guitarists in the world.

Joe mentioned the NAMM event, which lots of guitar players like Steve Vai and Nita Strauss attended, and stated every guitar player was great in the stage. Furthermore, Joe said that they remind him that the guitar world is still alive.

Joe praised Polyphia’s guitarists Timothy Henson and Scott LePage by saying they were remarkable and interesting to watch in the event. Also, he admitted that he likes the way Guthrie Govan is playing the guitar.

Interviewer asked:

“What do you think about the next generation of guitarists? Who is currently impressing you?”

Joe Satriani replied:

“Seeing all the amazing players at NAMM reminded me how the guitar world is very much alive and well. Look at Guthrie Govan, he’s just so good.

You can’t help but be amazed because he plays so well and comes from a place of pure love. We had the guys from Polyphia at Steve Vai’s NAMM jam, those guys were remarkable and it was interesting to see them so out of their element. “

He added:

“You can throw guys like me, Steve and Paul anywhere and we’ll improvise like always we do. These guys come from a completely different discipline but they’re incredible guitarists. I was so impressed they were brave enough to stand next to some old guys and see what happens!”

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