During the recent episode of Joe Satriani’s ‘Club Joe Streaming Sessions’ on Youtube, Joe talked about the funny memories in the past with Steve Vai and John Petrucci and revealed one of the bizarre moments he had with Steve Vai.

In the conversation, Steve Vai asked Joe if he remembers the time that he had to fake playing after the amp went down, and they started to talk about that day. Joe stated that it was a really heartbreaking situation and explained how it happened.

Here is what Steve Vai said:

“Do you remember that time where we were recording for a G3 record, I can’t remember which one, and we jumped off and you and I were standing in the wings because we were gonna run out and do an encore.

And you said, ‘My amp just went down’ – do you remember that? It was cutting in and out, and I just said, ‘Fake it, and we’ll fix it later.”

Joe Satriani replied:

“Yeah, that was heartbreaking because it was the MIDI people controlling the JSX channels, and it was one of those things that we thought back then it was cool to have channel-switching control by MIDI. Turned out it was a bad idea.

It went down soon as I started the solo, which I decided, you know, for ‘Smoke on the Water,’ I was gonna do Ritchie Blackmore proud because I’ve done it on tour with the band so many times.

I just thought I’m just gonna do it like Ritchie, but soon as I step on the pedal, it cuts out. So we finished that and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, OK, what an idiot. Tonight’s my turn, misery has visited my rig tonight.’ Thank god, Eric was editing that for us, and he saved it as much as he could, but it’s a funny sound.”

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