One of the legendary guitar players of all time, Joe Satriani, spoke in the interview with ‘Jonesy’s Jukebox’ and told a special story of himself with Guns N’ Roses legend, Slash. 

Joe Satriani has remembered the old days which is had together with Slash in 2006 and told what they lived during live shows. Also, he made an important statement about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Satriani talked about playing with the GN’R guitarist:

“We played that night with Slash – I’ll tell you a funny story about that gig. Besides the fact that it was a weird gig for me to do anyway, it was just fun to play…

So there’s a bunch of musicians on stage, people are coming and going, no one really feels totally comfortable, it’s not their usual gig, and I had been up there playing, trying to get through these songs while different singers came up, and Slash came up.

He’s a great guy, an amazing guitar player, and he comes up, and he had to plug in, get a sound – bam – we’re playing. And some guys, they have to keep spitting on stage, there are musicians that do that. And I guess Slash is one of them.

So I’m getting ready to step up to my wah-wah pedal, and he just turns like he doesn’t know where to spit, he’s not in his usual spot, and he just spits, and it lands right on the top of the wah-wah pedal.

And I just left it at the theater. I never touched it. I know I should’ve saved it maybe and put it in a box or something – sell it on E-bay, right? Genuine Slash loogie, who knows what it would look like now…

But no, I left it. He played great that night, so whatever it is, it’s working, I don’t want to stop it.”

You can watch the video belong to the performance in 2006 below.

The interviewer asked a question about the coronavirus outbreak, he replied:

“You know, it’s terrible when you have to think about your calluses. If you play harp or your guitar, any other string instrument, you’re always worried about your calluses.

The washing of the calluses is a very sort of personal, protective thing. So when there’s a scientist on CNN saying, ‘You got to wash your hands every 25 minutes,’ you’re, like, ‘Oh, wait a minute.

How am I gonna do that if I’m trying to maintain the perfect calluses so I can play a high G on the E string?’ So yeah, there’s a lot of alcohol swapping going on.”

You can watch the interview video right below.