The guitar legend Joe Satriani recently made a bold statement, and he revealed how he was forced to change the cover of his classic 1987 album, ‘Surfing With the Alien’ by Marvel.

Joe Satriani told that he had to make a new album cover as a result of licensing fees. Because the album cover looked like Silver Surfer from the comic book world.

Here’s what Joe Satriani said in his statement:

“Due to the ever-increasing costs of licensing the Silver Surfer artwork from Marvel we were forced to come up with a new cover. Seeing my chrome guitar bursting through a multicolor wormhole seems quite fitting. It’s as if it always belonged there.”

He continued:

“I didn’t want to reveal what I always thought should stay a secret. When I build a track from scratch it’s a kind of musical alchemy, a mixture of voodoo, mojo, blood, sweat, tears, prayers… and a lot of hard work. I cherish them because of this. So, it’s no wonder I’ve been reluctant to release them.”

You can see the cover of the issue below.

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