Legendary guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani spoke in the recent interview with Classic Rock Magazine and revealed his real thoughts about Greta Van Fleet, which formed in 2012 and become famous in the rock music scene in a short period.

As you might remember, Joe Satriani made a statement two years ago and said that he likes the music Greta Van Fleet do. Additionally, he sent their album to all his friends to show how good they are.

Joe Satriani about Greta Van Fleet two years ago:

“I’ve been listening to this young band, Greta Van Fleet, and I’m really enjoying that exuberance that I’m hearing. When I first heard them, I sent their album to all my friends that were in my high-school band.

They have that same kind of… It just sounds like they love music and they love what they’re doing and yeah, I’ve been listening to that quite a bit.”

After two years of this statement, Joe showed his support again to Greta Van Fleet in the conversation with Classic Rock Magazine four days ago. Joe stated that they do not have any intention to copy Led Zeppelin and also not making music for the money. Furthermore, Joe said that these guys seem to love what they are doing and have a real spark for the future.

Here is what Joe Satriani said:

“Every time I put Greta Van Fleet on, someone, usually someone older, will say: ‘Who are these guys ripping off Led Zeppelin?!’ Give them a break!

There are bands a generation older than them who seem to be doing it for the money and fame, but to me, these guys seem to love this music and they have a real spark.”

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