One of the most talented guitarists of all time who is preparing to release his upcoming album this year, Joe Satriani, made a new interview with Guitar Player Magazine and talked about his guitar collection.

As he shared his thoughts on favorite vintage guitars, he also praised 1958 Fender Esquire by saying that he will never sell that goody at any price.

Here is what he told to Guitar Player Magazine:

“This one (Fender Esquire) is my favorite. I’ll never get rid of this guitar. Chris Kelly, who used to work at Ibanez, found it for me back in ’92, I think.

He called me one day and said, ‘I found this Esquire. You have to have it!’ And I purchased it over the phone. This is before there was Reverb, and eBay and stuff like that.

It wound up on [1992’s] ‘The Extremist’ album right away, and over the years it’s been on just about every album. I’ve used it clean, dirty, with slide, for power chords… It’s a beautiful guitar. And again, it was like the neck was personally made for me. I don’t know how they did that back in 1958!

Here is what he said about 1969 Gibson Les Paul:

“I had this dream of finding that perfect Les Paul Custom for a long time, and it has always eluded me. But I picked this one up and my hand just fell in love with the neck.

And it has that weird Les Paul Custom sound. I don’t know why they sound so unique, but they just don’t sound like regular Les Pauls.”

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