Joe Satriani recently had an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, and shared what did he feel when he started playing Johnny Allen “Jimi” Hendrix’s music.

Here is what Satriani said:

“I think the hardest thing for every Hendrix fan who finds themselves onstage playing a Hendrix song is the difference between the sound you’re making and the strong memory in your mind of what the album sounds like. [Laughs]

You start playing a song and you realize, ‘This is the way Jimi sounded – I don’t sound like Jimi!’ But you still have to play the song. So I think everyone is always trying to pay the proper homage to Jimi and the sound.

They want to give the audience the right sound, but at the same time, they can’t help but be themselves. That’s why I mentioned the whole thing about what Jimi was able to play live.

Because if you spend a day just listening to live recordings of Jimi Hendrix, you realize that it was almost like a different Jimi Hendrix than the one that was on ‘Axis: Bold as Love’ or ‘Electric Ladyland.’ Those were artistic statements in the recording studio.”

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