Joe Satriani spoke to SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk and shared the good news with his fans, saying he’s planning a new G3 Tour with his former student Steve Vai and famous guitarist Eric Johnson. 

G3 is a concert tour project created by Joe Satriani, who decided to perform live shows with two different guitarists on every tour. In addition, Satriani played with many other musicians such as Vai, Johnson, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci, Phil Collen, and Steve Lukather.

Moreover, some of the concert performances were recorded and released as live albums, ‘G3: Live in Concert,’ ‘G3: Live in Denver,’ ‘G3: Rockin’ in the Free World,’ and ‘G3: Live in Tokyo.’ Satriani has collaborated with the most talented guitarists in the world since 1996, and it seems that he doesn’t have a plan to stop.

In a short part from his interview, which Trunk shared on Instagram, Satriani revealed that he, Vai, and Johnson talked about a possible A G3 Anniversary Tour, probably starting in 2023. However, they still need to plan many things because they postponed their tours due to the competition between the bands. Also, some fans wanted Yngwie Malmsteen, who had toured with him in 2003, to join them for the new concerts.

Eddie Trunk’s IG post read:

“A bit of my chat from earlier today on Trunk Nation with Joe Satriani. Full interview replays tonight 10-Mid ET SiriusXM Volume 106 or anytime with video on SiriusXM app.”

Here’s what Satriani said:

“We were doing one of these Zoom calls Steve, myself, and Eric Johnson, and we thought it might be a cool thing to do an anniversary G3 Tour maybe in 2023. 2022… It’s funny this year is a receptacle. Everybody has postponed the tours, so the competition is insane. It’s just a mass, and I don’t know how the agents handle this insanity. All the musicians saying ‘Please come to Cincinnati this Wednesday.’

We’re trying to sort it out, and it’s day by day. I’m on the phone with the guys trying to figure it out. This is going to happen. I would love to do another G3. We were always cultivating the next one once we finished the G3 group, trying to plan it out. Steve’s into it, and I wanna see him play his new album live, so I’m going to figure out how he does have that stuff.”

A fan added:

“For the love of God, Yngwie and Gilbert are on the same tour!”

Therefore it can be said that the fans wished to watch Satriani and Malmsteen play together one more time, and it’s possible that the guitarists can make a surprise for them in the upcoming G3 Tour.